Monster Want Burger!

An adorable game where you make burgers and feed them to a monster.

Now available for iPhone and iPad!

This is Monster
This is Burger


Build burgers!

The most advanced burger naming algorithm known to man!

Feed monster!

It's always hungry for more!

That's the game!

Do your best! Make all the burgers!

Monster Want Burger is all about stacking cute ingredients to make awesome burgers. With our patented Burger Naming AlgorithmTM you can explore tons of burger possibilities! Maybe you’ll even discover your favorite burger! This is more than just a physics game—this is a delicious experience.

For an added bonus, watch your burger counter closely. If you throw on more ingredients before the counter finishes, the sky’s the limit! We’ve seen quad burgers and more! If you play your cards right, you can even make multiple burgers per round!

Help our hungry little monster grow up to be a lean, mean, scaring machine. Grab your copy of Monster Want Burger now!

for thought...

We made this game about burgers, but not everyone can afford them.

Philabundance is trying to make sure nobody goes without food in the Delaware Valley. Check them out at

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  • Pay what you want!
  • Mac, Windows, and Linux compatible!
  • Quirky soundtrack!
  • Also a wallpaper!

Also available for iPhone and iPad!